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The New Guitar Instructional Video

ESSENTIAL PERCUSSIVE GUITAR RIFFS - instructional video and tab
  • ESSENTIAL PERCUSSIVE GUITAR RIFFS - instructional video and tab
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I'm proud and excited to release my first ever guitar instructional video!

A huge guitar lesson with me, over 2 hours long, based around 10 riffs which I've specially composed to take you deep within my playing style.

I use these riffs to break down modern techniques like percussion, tapping, harmonics and upside-down playing, step by step, so that you can understand them, master them, and make music with them.

I will teach you not just what to learn, but how to learn it. All the secrets, revealed.

  • 2 hours 25 minutes running time
  • Multiple video angles
  • 10 incredible riffs
  • Full tab for every riff
  • Every riff in the same tuning
  • Playable on any acoustic guitar
  • Every technique fully explained
  • Expert advice and guidance from a world class master player and teacher
  • The impossible, made possible!

Video format is mp4, which will play on any Windows, Apple or Android device. Tab is supplied as a standard PDF file. Video file size is 1.7gb, please allow time and storage space for download.

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