New video out today! Plus new album pre-order + tour dates...

Hey! Wanna watch my new video?
Gloria is probably my most requested song at gigs, it's about my first girlfriend from when I was 16. This performance is 100% live and organic. Watch it here: 

Please share it if you like it, it really matters. Most people only know about my music because of you sharing my videos with your friends.
Pay What You Want single and album pre-order available here: Guitar Tab available here:
This is the first of nine new videos from the Live In The Acoustic Asylum sessions. 

This 9 track album consists of audio from the live performances filmed for the Acoustic Asylum videos. The tracks are all new and improved performances of fan favourites and hidden gems from my old records. Pre order the album NOW at It's only £3.99 (around 6 bucks), but please pay more if you want to. :)

Upcoming Tour Dates...
If there's nothing close to you: I'm working on it. I've played on every continent, I'm aiming for every country. But for now, maybe there's something close to a friend who you can recommend me to? Oh, and the rescheduled Germany dates will be announced very very soon!

Tickets and information about every concert at

September 10 - Jon Gomm & Antoine Dufour - LEEDS, UK
September 12 - London Acoustic Guitar Show (Live Stage)
September 13 - London Acoustic Guitar Show (Masterclass)
September 18-20 - Guitar Weekend with Don Ross - Port Hope, CANADA
September 19 - Jon Gomm & Don Ross - Port Hope, CANADA
September 20 - Jon Gomm & Don Ross - Toronto, CANADA
September 22 - Jon Gomm & Don Ross - Québec City, CANADA
September 24 - Jon Gomm & Don Ross - London, CANADA
September 25 - Jon Gomm & Don Ross - Kitchener, CANADA
September 26 - Jon Gomm & Don Ross - Calgary, CANADA
September 27 - Jon Gomm & Don Ross - Vancouver, CANADA
October 15 - solo show  - Huddersfield, UK
October 17 - solo show - Devizes, UK
October 18 - solo show - Bristol, UK
October 20 - solo show - Milton Keynes, UK
October 21 - solo show - London, UK
October 24 - solo show - Cardiff, UK
October 25 - solo show - Newton Abbot, UK
October 27 - solo show - Southampton, UK

Tickets and information about every concert at

OK, that's it for now. I'll be back in touch in 3 weeks, when the next video goes live!
Thanks for giving a monkeys about an independent musician. There's no record label or corporate backing, every time you share my videos or buy my music, you are supporting me directly. Thanks thanks thanks. 

Love from,

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