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Leeds Guitar Night 2011 - featuring me, Erik Mongrain & more.... 

The Leeds Guitar Night is back for 2011, and I'm delighted to be hosting a fantastic international line up at The Wardrobe in the Quarry Hill Arts Quarter, where you’ll see and hear the acoustic guitar played every way you could imagine and possibly more! My guests this year are modern pioneers of the acoustic guitar, revered by their fellow players around the world. 

This concert will also be the Leeds launch for my new project ‘The Domestic Science Singles Series’. The second single in the series will be released and revealed on the night of this concert. To celebrate we’re inviting the Leeds Guitar Night audience to an aftershow party at The Wardrobe which will continue til 2am.

Tickets are £8 from

My first guest is the incredible Erik Mongrain from Quebec, who astounded guitar lovers worldwide with his phenomenal composition ‘Airtap’ in which debuted his radical lap tapping technique. His 2009 appearance on Later With Jools Holland further expanded his reputation as a virtuoso who constantly seeks to push the boundaries of his instrument. “His awesome talent is audible and visible for anyone who has encountered his playing.” (Acoustic Magazine) Me and Erik have been cohorts for some years but this is the first time we'll share the same stage.

The second guest is the wonderfully eclectic acoustic virtuoso Giuliano Modarelli whom I met at College studying Jazz in Leeds. Originally from Italy, his unique and exceptionally innovative style is a subtle blend of World Folk, Arabic, Flamenco, Latin and Eastern European. Giuliano regularly tours India and Africa. "A fusion barometer would have registered Modarelli's originality and his ability to tap into Jazz's innate power of seduction." (The Sunday Express)

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You voted for it, and here it is.... THE NEW WEBSITE! 

Welcome to the new website!

Thanks to the hundreds of people who voted to help me choose the design for this new site, which was then created by the wonderful Tom Chapman. The artwork was originally created by Martin Simpson in 2007 for the Don't Panic album, but the Don't Panic projected stalled with the pressure of touring, and it needed rebooting in every way and the artwork got replaced, so I'm delighted to have finally made use of it, cos it's frickin awesome.

I miss the old place which was my online home since 2003, but in reality everything is better here:

There's a proper Store where you can buy the my two albums (prices have been lowered cos with this new site I don't have to give a percentage to an online-sales-company), but also now onsale is the Tab for Loveproof and my signature plectrums!

There's detailed info about every gig on the Live Dates page (just click the "more info" links in the right hand column).

And there's this here bloggy-style news page, which I can easily keep up-to-date with my doings, but where I'll also occasionally unleash my rants which up until now have been restricted to Facebook, really. And you can comment on anything in the blog, using your Facebook/Hotmail/Yahoo/AOL account or by registering with Please comment, It's too quiet in here, I can hear these words echoing off the walls already.

And in the making right now is the Guitarists Only area. I'm preparing some detailed info about my guitar and other gear, and I'll be making some little lessons about guitar techniques from tapping and percussion to harmonics and peg-bending madness. I'll be asking for requests for that, and for the Gomm FAQ page, so I'll be in touch asking for help (again) soon. Soz.

Hope you like it here!


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