Jon Gomm

Live Dates

I'm taking a little break right now to work on new songs, and to do some big life stuff at home. I'll be back on the road before you can say "epic emotional eight-finger-tapping solo".

The dates below are all PREVIOUS gigs. Join the mailing list to hear about new tours.


Previous events

Date Event Location
Kaiserslautern - GERMANY Edith-Stein-Haus, 67657 Kaiserslautern Edith-Stein-Haus, 67657 Kaiserslautern
Viersen - GERMANY - SOLD OUT! Tommy’s Workshop, 41747 Viersen Tommy’s Workshop, 41747 Viersen
Hannover - GERMANY Pavillon, 30161 Hannover Pavillon, 30161 Hannover
Hamburg - GERMANY Nochtspeicher, 20359 Hamburg Nochtspeicher, 20359 Hamburg
Köln - GERMANY Studio 672, 50672 Köln Studio 672, 50672 Köln
Schweinfurt - GERMANY - Late afternoon gig! Rathausdiele, Schweinfurt Rathausdiele, Schweinfurt
Frankfurt - GERMANY - SOLD OUT! Brotfabrik, 60488 Frankfurt am Main Brotfabrik, 60488 Frankfurt am Main
Aarau - SWITZERLAND KiFF, 5001 Aarau KiFF, 5001 Aarau
Birrhard - SWITZERLAND Cubus, 5244 Birrhard Cubus, 5244 Birrhard
Reutlingen - GERMANY Franz K, 72762 Reutlingen Franz K, 72762 Reutlingen
München - GERMANY Ampere, 81667 München Ampere, 81667 München
Dresden - GERMANY Beatpol, 01157 Dresden Beatpol, 01157 Dresden
Cottbus - GERMANY Gladhouse, 03046 Cottbus Gladhouse, 03046 Cottbus
Berlin - GERMANY Privatclub, 10997 Berlin Privatclub, 10997 Berlin
Bremen - GERMANY Lagerhaus, 28203 Bremen Lagerhaus, 28203 Bremen
Shanghai, CHINA YuYinTang, Shanghai YuYinTang, Shanghai
Hangzhou, CHINA LINE OUT, Hangzhou LINE OUT, Hangzhou
Beijing - CHINA DDC (Dusk Dawn Club), Beijing DDC (Dusk Dawn Club), Beijing
Ulaanbaatar, MONGOLIA The Ivy, Ulaanbaatar The Ivy, Ulaanbaatar
All Waves Festival- Seoul - CANCELLED