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I just wanna play you this thing...  

New video: Watch me play my song Afterglow  

You've never heard an acoustic trip-hop song with an eight-finger-tapping solo before, or if you have then I quit. I can’t tell you what this song is about because it’s pure sleaze and my mum will see this. 

If you like it, share it. The internet needs you right now. Drown out the bickering with music. 

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Get the Guitar Tab from Every technique is explained. It’s a complete walkthrough guide to the song.

Afterglow is the 6th video from from the Live In The Acoustic Asylum series. Get the song and album and Pay What You Want from    Also on iTunes or Google Play or Amazon

New signature model guitar! 

I'm bursting with pride to finally announce that the Jon Gomm Hybrid Top Signature model is now available from Lowden Guitars.

It's much more than just a replica of Wilma, my beloved Lowden. It's a guitar with every aspect tailored specifically for the modern player, including the world's first spruce and cedar layered soundboard which I've dubbed the Hybrid Top, for added resilience and epic, deep, powerful tone. I REALLY REALLY LOVE THIS GUITAR!  

Register your interest at to get free stuff and find out more.  

New video Temporary out now 

Links so you can spread the love : 

Temporary is the 5th release from the Live In The Acoustic Asylum series. The lyrics are blurry, flickering childhood memories of being with my mum at a really difficult time in our lives. The message, if there is one, is: Emotions pass. So, this one’s for my empowering and inspirational friend, Elizabeth Gomm. 

Get the Pay What You Want song + album here: Also on iTunes or Google Play or Amazon 

Guitar Tab available here: Transcribed by me, with detailed notes explaining every technique.

Back on TV - Guitar Star series 2 

I'm gonna be back on TV for an episode of Sky Arts Guitar Star, on air in the UK and Ireland this summer. I think I managed to genuinely improve some kids' technique last year, so hopefully this year's batch will be just as open to my meddling. This series features the actual George Benson among other luminaries. Can't wait to get his autograph. 

Tour Break 

I'm taking a little break from touring right now, to work on new songs, and to do some big life stuff at home. I'll be back on the road before you can say "epic emotional eight-finger-tapping solo".  

There will still be new videos from Acoustic Asylum coming to your internet very soon! 

Thanks to everyone who came out to see me in Germany recently. And thanks to anyone who has ever told another person about my music. Last time I toured Germany was right after I had a viral video, so I thought "this is the peak, it's all downhill from here!" (I don't mind that, I spent years playing little pubs and I loved it, and I fully expect to return.) Now 3 years later, my audiences are twice the size. I can't really explain this, so it must be you! Thanks for caring enough to spread the word, it has genuinely changed my life.  

Beautiful people in Berlin

On stage in Cologne

Sold out crowds in Frankfurt above and Hamburg below

With my German road warriors Kugler & Waloshick 


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