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UK and Ireland Gigs incoming! 

PRESS RELEASE: Jon Gomm On Home Soil

Singer-songwriter and youtube guitar hero Jon Gomm is taking a break from his international touring commitments to play a few intimate shows around the British Isles. 
He released his latest album Secrets Nobody Keeps last year, with songs described as "masterpieces inflected with tribal rhythms, pop melodic sense and Gomm’s flowing, draped over vocals that would surely make even Eric Clapton blush." Since the release he's been busy traversing the globe, with tours having taken in Africa, Asia, South America as well as Europe. 
But Gomm is delighted to have a bit of time to reconnect with the audiences he knows best. "Music is communication, and that's easiest when you speak the same language as the people your performing to," he admits. "My lyrics are really personal, and I try to put that across overseas but it will be really nice to not have to work so hard in that way." 

Jon will be playing songs from Secrets Nobody Keeps, which includes the song Passionflower which has been watched 6 million times on youtube, and which was tweeted to fame in the UK by Stephen Fry, who is among other celebrity fans including Rod Stewart and Chaka Khan.

May 16: London, UK - 100 Club
May 17: Leeds, UK - Holy Trinity Church
May 21: Galway, Ireland - Roisin Dubh
May 23: Dublin, Ireland - Button Factory
May 24: Cork, Ireland - The Pavillion
May 27: Chester, UK - Telfords Warehouse
May 28: Redditch, UK - Queens Head
May 29: Clitheroe, UK - The Grand
May 31: The Acoustic Festival of Britain, UK
June 3: Brighton, UK - Sticky Mike's Frog Bar
June 4: Milton Keynes, UK - The Crauford Arms, Wolverton
June 5: Maidstone, UK - The Rafters
June 6: London Folk Fest - The Bedford, Balham

All information and tickets at:

Facebook event:

New video "Everything" released today, plus tour news... 

I made a new video. You can watch it here:


The song is called Everything and it's the 3rd single from my latest album, Secrets Nobody Keeps. It's a twisted love song. It's about obsession, really. It's the song I had the most comments about from the album, which really surprised me, just because it's so prog - nearly ten minutes long, two time signatures, shreddy guitar solo, even cameo appearances from other songs...

If you like it, please share it by posting it on your social networks or forwarding this email to someone. :)
The song, album and guitar Tab are all available from: (or other inferior shops like iTunes and Amazon)

Tour Stuff:
Coming up I have tours in Brazil, UK, and Ireland, and we're plotting a trip to Canada in the Summer so please get in touch if you want me to play somewhere.

April 3 - Guitar Workshop - São Paulo , BRAZIL - EM&T Escola de música e Tecnologia
April 8 - São Paulo, BRAZIL - Bourbon Street
April 10 - São Paulo, BRAZIL - Manifesto
April 11 - Guitar Workshop - Passo Fundo, BRAZIL - Centro de Ensino Musical
April 12 - Recife Jazz Festival, BRAZIL - CANCELLED
April - Campinas, BRAZIL TBC - Teatro Castro Mendes
April 18 - Fernando de Noronha, BRAZIL - Sunset Pousada Lun-Mar
April 19 - Fernando de Noronha, BRAZIL - Paradisus
May 7 - Zagreb, CROATIA - Green Gold Acoustic Guitar Festival
May 16 - Secrets Nobody Keeps "Play The Album" Concert, London, UK - 100 Club
May 17 - Secrets Nobody Keeps "Play The Album" Concert, Leeds, UK - Holy Trinity Church
May 21 - Galway, Ireland
May 23 - Dublin, Ireland
May 24 - Cork, Ireland
May 27 - Chester, UK  - Telfords Warehouse
May 29 - Clitheroe, UK - The Grand
May 31 - The Acoustic Festival of Britain, UK -  Uttoxeter Racecourse
June 3 - Brighton, UK - Sticky Mike's Frog Bar
June 4 - Milton Keynes, UK  - The Crauford Arms, Wolverton
June 5 - Maidstone, UK - The Rafters
July 2 - Mikulov Guitar Festival, Czech Republic  
July 13 - "Avebury Rocks", Marlborough, UK
August 1 - August 3 - Canadian Guitar Festival,  Kingston, Canada
August 14 - Hersbruck, GERMANY - The 15th International Guitar Festival
September 19 - September 20 - Clonakilty Guitar Festival, Ireland
October 10 - Vienna Fingerstyle Festival, AUSTRIA     
October 11 - Guitar Workshop, Vienna, AUSTRIA 

Other business:
You can now get Jon Gomm Signature Strings from Newtone. They are handmade in the UK, and they're super heavy (and therefore a little more expensive, as they use almost twice as much materials to make!) You can get them here:


As you can see, I've had loads of adventures already this year, but too much and too random for this email. The best way to follow my musical doings and global wanderings is to be friends with me in one of these places:

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THANKYOU so much for being interested in my music. See you on Earth, or on the internet, or both.

Love from,

Brazil Tour April 2014 

Olá amigos, estou chegando ao Brasil. Aqui terão todas as informações sobre a tour. Avisem a todos seus amigos, familiares, colegas e até mesmo papagaio e cachorro. :)

03 Abril: Workshop de violão, EM&T Sao Paolo

08 Abril: Bourbon Street, Sao Paulo
10 Abril: Manifesto , São Paulo
11 Abril: Workshop de violão, Passo Fundo
12 Abril: Teatro Castro Mendes, Campinas
18 Abril: Sunset Pousada Lun-Mar, Fernando de Noronha
19 Abril: Paradisus, Fernando de Noronha

Obtenha mais informações de “Live Dates”

Special Play The Album UK gigs 

I'm gonna be performing the whole of Secrets Nobody Keeps at two very special UK gigs - in Leeds and London - in May. I've specially chosen the venues to make the gigs super-intimate and atmospherey. I've never performed some of the songs live before, so it'll be a unique experience for those who manage to get a ticket. 

Friday May 16th 2014 at The 100 Club, Oxford St, London: TICKETS
Saturday May 17th 2014 at Holy Trinity Church, Boar Lane, Leeds (near Leeds City Train Station):

Be there or B². 

Win 5 sets of Jon Gomm™ Signature Guitar Strings! 

I'm really proud to announce that my favourite strings are now officially available as a Jon Gomm Signature set! Handmade in Derbyshire by Newtone. These are my personal super-heavy gauge specially chosen after years of experimentation to have a really easy tension at low tunings, and to give a tone that is warm and soulful. 

I tune my guitar a tone below concert pitch, and quite often much lower than that. With these strings that brings out a warmth and character completely different to the usual twangy, trebley steel-string guitar tone. Or maybe if your voice has dropped in pitch over time, these strings could be the answer to your prayers! And because of the heavy gauge (14-68) and low tension I have never broken one of these strings on a gig, ever.

To order some for yourself, just email Neil at - they are handmade to order, so they might take a few weeks to arrive. 

To win 5 sets of Jon Gomm Signature Newtone Strings, just email your name and phone number to  

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Competition closes Feb 22nd 2014. I promise your personal details will not be shared with ANYONE ever.


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